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You are welcome to join the Twin Cities Assemblies for the Annual Labor Day Conference. From its simple beginnings in 1912, the Twin Cities Labor Day Conference has been an annual event, where the Christians have faithfully gathered in Minnesota to hear the Word of God and fellowship together. You are invited to come join this special reunion to meet old friends and greet new ones.

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Labor Day Weekend (Friday – Monday)


Christ The King, New Brighton MN — Map


Joe Reese

Joe Reese PictureJoe Reese was born and raised in Mississippi, and was born again in 1970. He was commended to full time work in 1983. He has traveled extensively teaching the Word of God at conferences, camps and assemblies throughout Canada, USA, and other countries of the world. Joe and his wife Ann live in Deacon, Ontario.

Dan Smith

Dan Smith PictureDan Smith is presently Chancellor at Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque Iowa. Dan has worked as teaching faculty and in several administrative positions (including President for 25 years) at Emmaus Bible College for more than 50 years. His ministries include youth work, Church and Conference preaching, Biblical Counseling, consultation in Pastoral Theology, and Life Coaching. He has written and published numerous periodical articles and has published two books; God’s Blueprint for Your Marriage, ECS Press; How to Lead a Child to Christ, Moody Press. Dan is a family man; he and his wife, Martha, have three adult children and eight grandchildren.